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Who We Are

Man Bling customs specializes in Cerakote. We know you want your items to be unique, and we LOVE making showpieces. We do offer some gunsmithing as well.

Cerakote is the world's premier firearm coating, and comes in hundreds of premixed colors. Custom mixes can be done as well to match a stock color, or something else you want to match. Cerakote is a baked on ceramic coating, and offers unparalleled performance including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and harness. It can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers, and wood. There is also an air dry product we use on items that cannot be baked, scopes mostly. It's slightly not as durable, but it makes your scope match your baked on product, so who cares?

More information at the manufacturer website,

Cerakote can withstand well over 1,000 hours in a salt water dishwasher without rusting. Imagine how long it would last duck hunting! see testing proof:

Colors posted here: . Keep in mind color calibration on your screen CAN distort the color, ask us, we have samples of most colors you can SEE AND FEEL with your own eyes before you decide on what color/colors you want to put on your item. In general, if your item can heat to 180-200 degrees, it can be coated.

check out our own Cerakote test piece Yin and Yang h:ere or anywhere you find us:

Gunsmithing capabilities: we can install sights, minor repairs, replace parts, upgrade, ignition kit, trigger jobs, Winchester 94 saddle ring install, Large loop lever upgrade, stock replacements and fitting, ultrasonic cleaning. We can refinish stocks to original finish, upgraded hand rubbed oil finish, satin or high gloss finish. Ask...we'll be honest with you.

Man Bling Customs is owned and operated by a former US Marine, and offers discounts to all active and previously active military and all current law enforcement personnel.

Why Us?

Man Bling Customs started doing Cerakote as a hobby in 2012. Attention to detail drives everything we do, so soon we had people asking us to do stuff for them as well. Since it's firearms, a license was needed so we avoided for a while until we caved in to peer pressure and decided to go all in.

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