ManBling Customs

Cerakote, Hydrodip And Firearms

Price List 2016-2017

Cerakote prices most weapons:

First color $150 (AR this includes upper, lower and forend)

Each additional color $50

use of stencils or special paint techniques (multiple colors on the same part): $50 additional

Kryptek camo stencil: $100 instead of $50

Optics One color: $75

optics each additional color: $30

Optics Stencil: $30

Optic Kryptek:  stencil: $50 instead of $30

Not itemized items can be quoted prior to job, just ask. We'll build some more package prices as we get more stuff done.

Prices are subject to change;  Customers are welcome to disassemble their items themselves. If you do this, please provide a list of parts you are dropping off when you drop it off.